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Atheism Is Madness But There Is Hope In The Gospel

Atheism masks as a worldview of logic and science, but in reality is a religion of dead faith.  In the video above, three lines of proof are presented for the Christian worldview which also show atheism to be false.

The first proof of God’s existence is the laws of logic.  Everyday, we use logic in order to form coherent sentences and make sense of the world. There are three laws of logic: the law of identity (a cat is a cat not a dog), the law of non-contradiction (it can’t be raining and not raining in the same time and same way), and the law of excluded middle (I’m either a human being or I’m not).

These laws apply anywhere in the universe, do not change, are not made of matter, and are eternal.  This means that the laws of logic are necessary anywhere in the universe at any time.  Now, what is the source of these immaterial laws?  They reflect the nature of God, who is Himself absolute, unchanging, immaterial, and eternal.

Second, we show how the immaterial information found in DNA must require an intelligent source.  Information requires a Sender or Mind, it cannot come about through random processes.  For an awesome tract on DNA, click here.

Third, we present the Gospel using the amazing prophecy of Isaiah 53. 700 years before Christ, God promised to send a Savior to save us from our sins while taking our guilt, shame, and sorrows on Himself.  For the Isaiah 53 tract, click here.

Jesus Christ wants to save all people, including the atheist.  There is truly no excuse for rejecting the Messiah.  It comes down to repenting and turning to the God who loves you or willfully remaining in your sinful state.

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