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Jehovah's Witness Real Life Witnessing Videos

Jehovah’s Witness Hears About The True Jesus

This informative Christian- JW encounter will embolden you to share the biblical Jesus with the cults.


**Begin Transcript**

Mark: One of the aspects of evangelism is polemics. Polemics is described in Second Corinthians 10:3-5. We tear down the opinions of men and other false beliefs and bring every thought captive to Christ. In this next encounter, you’re going to see a clash of two world-views, one that stands on the Word of God and the other that stands on the opinions of men. Hopefully, this encourages and emboldens you to share the true Jesus with others.

Man: Hi, do you guys have English? or…

JW: Yes we do.

Man: Do you have Bibles here?

JW: Um No. If you want to you can go on this website. And then on the front page you will see the bibles.

Man: Okay, Do you study the Bible?

JW: Yes we do.

Man: Okay.

JW: So this is the English.

Man: Okay

JW: Do you also want to copy?

Man: I’ll take one. Thanks.

JW: Do you live around here, or no.

Man: No no.

JW: Ok. This website also you can look up various…

Man: But you guys study the Bible right?

JW: Yes we do.

Man: You don’t do other holy books or…

JW: Just the Bible.

Man: Do you study the book of John?

JW: We study everything in the Bible.

Man: You know the Book of John pretty well?

JW: I can’t say pretty well..

Man: Do you have a Bible on you?

JW: Not English, I have the Chinese that’s all.

Man: That’s fine. Pull out the Chinese I would like to see it if I could. You read it your Chinese to us. Yeah I’m curious to see what you think about John 22:28. Have you seen that verse before because I was studying it the other day and I found it… I’d like to get people’s thoughts on that

JW: Ok this is the app…

Man: The app, nice. Maybe like read John 20 26-28 I like to hear people’s thoughts on that verse.

JW: Do you study the Bible also?

Man: Yeah.

JW: Yeah that’s good.

Man: Yeah Good. Do you mind reading it to me and English because I can’t read the Chinese there?

JW: Ok.

Man: And then 27 yep. And when 28 yeah. So I’m just curious get your thoughts on it because here we have Thomas right who is a follower and disciple of Jesus and they saw the resurrected Jesus right and he said Thomas said to Jesus my Lord and My God with a capital G. And then Jesus commended him for the response to a conclusion he came to. Where were your thoughts on that?

JW: Well if you’re talking about the Trinity…

Man: No, I didn’t say anything about Trinity. I said what I said.

JW: I think that’s where you’re pointing to.

Man: No no no.

Man: I said What did the disciple Thomas What conclusion did he come to. And what did Jesus say to him? Did Jesus admonish him rebuke him for what he said or did He commend him for the conclusion he came to? What does the Scripture say?

JW: Well I can only tell you that there are a lot of symbolic words for a lot of things that we cannot take it for just the literal word of it.

Man: You don’t take the Bible literally?

JW: Not all of it because if I said that she’s my sister. Can you take it literally?

Man: Well there’s someone called you God with the capital G. How else could you take it because it’s not a small g? Right.

JW: But if is my sister it does not necessarily mean that she’s my biological sister

Man: I hear you, but you you call her God the capital G that would be blasphemy. So wouldn’t Jesus rebuke Thomas for calling him God with a capital G. Because I’d be blasphemy. No. No mere spirit creature can be called God with a capital G if they’re not a God. What…how did Jesus respond to him? He said he was blessed for the answer he came up with he didn’t rebuke him right.

JW: So that’s not the only scripture that you should look at.

Man: I didn’t say it was.

JW: How did Jesus view himself compared to God Jehovah.

Man: Jesus compared… and Jesus has many titles. He’s a Son of God, He’s the Prince of Peace. He’s also called the Almighty God.

JW: Ok but did he say that he’s God Himself.

Man: Yes John 8:58 He said He is the Great I Am. Have you seen that before?

JW: Jesus never said that he’s as big as God.

Man: He’s what?

JW: Jesus never said that he’s as big as God or equal to God. He never said that.

Man: So let me show you here in John 8:58. Jesus said to him most assuredly I say to you before Abraham was I AM. He’s claiming to be Yahweh. Why do you think in the book of John the Jews tried to stone Jesus they said you being a man make yourself out to be God? They wanted to stone him for blasphemy. And the apostle John also said that Jesus made himself equal with God. He said therefore the Jews thought all the more to kill him because he not only broke the Sabbath but also said that God was His Father making Himself equal of God. Do you think the Apostle John would know better than we do what the nature of Jesus was because John right here says made Himself equal with God?

JW: So you see the Jews thought That’s what they thought He was claiming So what he was claiming.

Man: Right.

JW: That’s not what Jesus how claim himself to be. I can I can say that oh he’s a thief but you know we have to prove…

Man: So you think the apostle…

JW: …that does not use that claim or allegation to accuse someone

Man: Do you think the apostle John was misleading the readers then by not making it clear?

JW: Well why didn’t I record this is a record. You know he’s recording something that’s happening

Man: Right

JW: now he is not thinking that Jesus is God.

Man: But why wouldn’t John why wouldn’t John clarify it then if he’s saying just only the Jews believe it but it’s not true why wouldn’t he clarify it in his writings.

JW: Why should he?

Man: Why? Because it makes a huge difference.

JW: He’s documenting what happened at that time.

Man: Remember we’re talking about the same apostle who said John 20:28 that Thomas called Jesus called a capital G? So seems like he is being very clear about it.

JW: Well I can point out that some other scriptures that he’s saying that he’s not as big excuse me.

Man: As big?

JW: He’s not equal to God

Man: Thank you for agreeing with me. The Bible’s very clear.

JW: I don’t agree with you..

Man: Jesus is God you did That’s what the Scripture says.

JW: Well if you take the Scriptures just want to take sections of the words.

Man: I gave you many sections very clear cut crystal clear. But ma’am here’s the thing. Let me finish ma’am you are misled. Orthodox Christianity for 2000 years has taught Jesus was God became flesh as a matter of fact on J.W.org It says that you go to JW.org to listen OK go into JW.org and look at the Bible translations. Go read the King James version which is on JW.org. It says First Timothy 3:16. God was manifest in the flesh on your own web site. Your own Web site. Thank you. Thank you for your time ladies. The truth will set you free. Jesus Christ is Lord.

Mark: Notice how John 20:28 cannot be refuted because it’s so evident that Thomas worshipped Jesus as Lord and God Also as pointed out in the video.The very fact that the leaders wanted to kill Jesus was because He made Himself Equal with God. You see when we stand on God’s Word and use His truth it cannot be refuted especially by the Watchtower’s opinions. So hopefully this will empower you to go out and share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Cults.

For more information on ways to cults and other religions.

Go to our website: Pleasetellmethetruth.org

**End Transcript**

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