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How To Share Jesus The Messiah With A Jew

This is an excellent example on how to navigate a Gospel conversation and witness to a Jew. Be sure to utilize our resources on the Messianic prophecies of Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 by clicking on our “Tracts” tab or by clicking here and here


**Begin Transcript**

Mark: Sometimes in our witnessing encounters we might have some uncomfortable situations and the person were witnessing to might have some false assumptions about what we as Christians believe. In this next video, you’re going to see Pastor Dan ask her a Jewish friend how he knows his assumptions about Christianity are true. So watch this clip and see how Pastor Dan questions this Jewish friends belief.

Dan: As you probably heard we’re just asking some spiritual questions. What do you believe? Spiritually speaking, do believe there’s God there’s higher power all that stuff?

Akeeba: I believe there is one God of the Jewish people and I identify as Jewish.

Dan:You identify as Jewish okay. [car honking] (how’s it going) Um So… What do you believe in terms of what I was asking your friend over there? Do you believe in heaven you believe in hell you believe you’re going there? And if so how do you know?

Akeeba:So everything I do know is based on what I’ve been taught over the years I can’t claim to know any of it perfecty.

Dan: Sure.

Akeeba:Judaism does have a concept of a after-life its not very specific on hell or heaven. We know that there is good that can happen and bad that can happen.

Dan: Right.

Akeeba:And our goal in this world is to do the best we can to achieve the posibility of having a better life in the after-life.

Dan: So right now you’re not assured. You don’t know.

Akeeba:Well no one can know until we are dead.

Dan: Man, that sucks. Doesn’t it? To think that you can never know.

Akeeba:But if you believe in it then thats good enough.

Dan: But if? So you do know?

Akeeba:I know as much as I believe.

Dan: And believe as much as you know. Yeah. Just throwing that out there. So. So you believe you’re going to go to heaven.

Akeeba:Yeah hopefully.

Dan: Hope? Man.


Dan: Let me just put it to you this way. That to me is a terrible existence. To know that you can’t know or to know… You’ve got to take him or what? Ok good. To not have assurance of salvation. To me…

Akeeba:There’s definitely a salvation of, that if you do what’s required, what, what are the good things to do in this life then you will achieve that.

Dan: What are those good things?

Akeeba:Those would be following the positive commandments of the Hebrew Bible the Torah.

Dan: Ok. Can you list a couple of them or do you know any of them?

Akeeba:There’s only 613 of them.

Dan: Yeah.

Akeeba:Yeah, so I say for myself the most important one is being kind and compassionate to other people. That’s what I call “ואהבת לרעך כמוך” love thy neighbor as yourself.

Dan: Yeah

Akeeba:Yeah, Um, I believe that’s most important just be nice to other people be considerate go out of your way for them. And that’s the best way to be the best person.

Dan: Do you follow all 613 laws?

Akeeba:Definitely not, to the extent that I should be, but um, But we all make mistakes that’s part of life.

Dan: Ok. So how do you? I mean is there any…Knowing that the Hebrew Scriptures talk about sacrifices and high priest for the atonement of sins, how do you atone for the sins when there’s no temple and there’s no high priest?

Akeeba:So thankfully we have another way of atoning for our sins it’s called Teshuva in Hebrew. It’s repenting for your sins and its basically a three step process, one of acknowledging the sin. Second is recognizing that it was basically was a sin and you shouldn’t be doing it again. And third is um, promising to yourself that you will never going to do this sin again.

Dan: Okay, what happens if you do it again?

Akeeba:Then you made another mistake. But that’s what life is about, making mistakes and learning from them.

Dan: See I think life has so much more meaning to it. Um, I believe that again, do. are you still waiting for the Messiah to come?

Akeeba:Yeah I think we all should be.

Dan: I’m a firm believer that the Messiah already came. Alright. I am a firm believer that Jesus was that Messiah. As spoken of and you can read it in your own can read it in the Hebrew Scriptures. In Isaiah 53 it talks about all the things that Jesus fulfilled and again Isaiah was written eight hundred years before Christ. I mean we know Isaiah was a prophet of God. And so again we believe in the same Hebrew Old Testament.

Akeeba:In the Old Testament really?

Dan: We believe in the same Hebrew Old Testament that the Torah the Pentateuch we believe in the same thing. But we again, I’m not trying to say like I’m better than you, but I believe based upon what I’ve seen in the evidence of who Jesus was and what he said was and who came to save and it says that that that the Jews his own people were going to reject him because Jesus was a Jew. But that he came to save, he came to seek and save, first to the Jew and then to the Greek because the Jew rejected him so he opened it up to again I believe still to this day. As a Jew you are one of God’s chosen people still to this day I don’t think the church or Christianity has replaced that but I believe God has calling even all Jews to repentance and to look to who Christ is. Because again I believe it’s going to be too late. Once you see that Jesus was the Messiah I think it’s going to be too late because you’re going to be looking at a different Messiah. You’re going to be looking at in what I would say is it’s a false Christ or a false prophet.

Akeeba:How do you know that he is the Messiah?

Dan: Again, because he fulfilled, for Jesus to fulfill even, do remember the statistic Mark if I can just throw that out to you the statistic for how many prophecies that Jesus… So He’s fulfilled 80 percent of the prophecies about who Messiah would be. Meaning…

Akeeba:What about the 20 percent?

Dan: They are still to come. About like him coming again and about him fulfilling the second coming of Christ. So there again there are prophecies yet to come. But just in his birth who He was the sinless life, dying on the cross, by his stripes you are healed. I mean there are so many prophecies that you can’t can’t just like…Did you get to pick where you were born? But eight hundred years before Christ was born in Bethlehem it said that he was going to be born in Bethlehem. So there’s many again it’s something that I think you need to look at and explore a little more because again Scripture says that the Jews rejected their Messiah.

Akeeba:Because he was a false Messiah.

Dan: Again, how do you know?

Akeeba:How do you know?

Dan: I just told you, I just gave you a good reason. How do we know that He is the false Messiah?

Akeeba:Yeah. Mainly because he followed a twisted or altered form of Judaism.

Dan: In what way? that’s I guess that’s what I’m saying.

Akeeba:For example, um, Christianity believing in idolatry. Like that’s…

Dan: I don’t, I don’t believe in idolatry at all.

Akeeba:The cross being a major form or Holy Spirit.

Dan: Again, I don’t worship the cross.

Akeeba:Right, some people do.

Dan: Again, but that’s not what Jesus did. Jesus didn’t worship the cross. So again so saying or labeling or saying that Jesus preached idolatry or you know again, I’m not trying to spar with you or argue with you. I’m just trying to tell you that as a Christian I don’t believe that, I don’t worship the cross pray to a cross, any of that stuff.

Akeeba:Had Jesus followed a proper Jewish lifestyle do you think he would be rejected from fellow Jewish people?

Dan: Well again he was following he rejected what the Pharisees were teaching which was legalism. And he said that many times he’s like you have your laws because they put the Pharisees put laws upon laws; they gave their own laws; they gave their own ideas of what their interpretation of the laws were And so he ended up going and saying hey listen you can follow the laws but don’t follow this because these pharisees are teaching you different laws. Not what my Father has taught you so again I would just encourage you man. Look at the teachings of Christ look at what he says like read John read when he rebukes the Pharisees and things like that.


Dan: And let me know, at some point I’d love to hear You know, we’ll give you a card just investigate it a little bit, alright? A great book. Just check it out. Thank you for your time man, I love your dog. Beautiful dog. Thank you guys for your time I really appreciate it man. Have a good night.

Mark: Something we definitely want to point out when we’re witnessing to Jews that they have no high priest? They have no temple so that their sins cannot be atoned for which Pastor Dan did a great job of pointing out also we know that the prophecies spoke about Jesus and I encourage Christians to study some of the major prophecies at least have them down so you know what they’re talking about what they say. I think Isaiah 53 is a great one which Pastor Dan pointed out. So we want to show them those prophecies and how that there is no atonement there is no forgiveness of sins without Christ as the final sacrifice. So thank you so much for watching. And please be encouraged by this to not be afraid of another religion. But simply just study the Bible so you can present the gospel in true manner to others.

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**End Transcript**

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