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How To Witness To Karma Believers

This witnessing encounter will equip you to share the Gospel with those who believe in karma. Also, it will help you refute the idea that our good will outweigh our bad.


**Begin Transcript**

Mark: Whenever you are witnessing to someone we have to pray that God will speak through us through the power of the Holy Spirit and give us words to proclaim his gospel boldly. In this next clip you’re going to see three girls that believe in karma and we’re quite happy about it of course. But watch how I use a simple question to shut down this idea that karma is so great and it’s going to help us out. Also notice how we zoom in on the person of Jesus and boldly proclaim what he did and what he offers for us and that karma is not the solution to all our problems.

Mark: Good all right, hey everybody we’re on the Brooklyn Bridge we’re a seeing what people’s spiritual beliefs are what they’re putting their trust and hope in. So why don’t you guys tell us, do you have any spiritual beliefs. Um..What do you put your trust in your hope and in life?

Girl: Um, I feel like, when something bad happens, people believe in God, and then when something good happens, they believe in themselves. So I mean I don’t really know. If there’s a God, I mean I, who really knows.

Mark: Okay.

Girl: I feel there’s no real historical evidence

Mark: Okay.

Girl: and I try to believe in historical evidence. I definitely believe in karma that’s why I try to do good things.

Mark: Do you guys think your good has outweighed your bad?

Girl: Yeah definitely.

Mark Definitely?

Girl: Yeah.

Mark: How much good would you have to do anything to outweigh your bad?

Girl: Oh, that’s a good question. How much good would you have to?

Mark: I know for myself there’s not enough good I can do, you know?! You know we were talking earlier about, you said, I want historical evidence that there’s a God, right? What do you guys know about Jesus?

Girl: I guess what – that He’s the Savior it depends on what religion, Catholic you know that…

Mark: What have you been taught to believe about Him? Just your opinion.

Girl: When I was younger that He is the Son of God? Um, that He sacrificed himself to save us. Um, because He loves us. Because He loves us, yes. That’s what I was told. As I grew older I tried to make my own decision.

Mark: Right.

Girl: To see if He is real or not I mean I do believe there’s a higher power but not necessarily a God.

Mark: Okay, so what when you were investigating Jesus what made you say oh I don’t really know if there’s a higher power. I don’t know if He’s really the Son of God?

Girl: I’m just like, good point because I want to say that because there’s no real pictures of Him but when you think of presidents there’s no real pictures of them either but they existed.

Mark: Good catch. Right. So talk now…you know, historical evidence for God, Higher Power. Jesus is God coming down to us. It’s like you said He loves us. He wants to be with us. And when we’re talking about karma. At least for myself, my good definitely doesn’t outweigh my bad so if you think about it…how many lies do you think you guys have told just this past week?

Girl: How many what?

Mark: How many lies do you think you’ve told this past week?

Girl: Alot…

Mark: Right. So it’s kind of hard to outweigh your…I know I’ve told lies too, right?! So, I can’t outweigh my good my bad so if we’re that bad and sinned that much then God has to save us and that’s what you’re saying about Jesus being the Savior because He loves us and He wants to bring us back to God because we know, you know, in New York City what happens if you if you lie to a cop right? You’re gonna to go to jail. But, if you lie to God what do you think you go.

Girl: To Hell…

Mark: Right! So God became a man through Jesus suffered and died for us in our place and then defeated death and rose from the dead. So we can be with Him forever. But you know how we can be with Him forever? Is there something because we have to respond to it somehow? Do you know how?

Girl:Following His rules.

Mark: We don’t have to follow…but not quite His rules…close. Okay. Actually, you’re right. Jesus said His commandments or God’s commandments is that you believe in Him His son that you repent. Stop to ask God to help you to stop doing all the wrong. Change your mind about it and follow Jesus and He says I’m going to give you a new life a new heart. My love is gonna overflow in you give you hope. Your sins can be forgiven and you’re going to be with Me forever in heaven. He is going to save you from the judgment because actually Jesus is going to be our judge. But if we put our trust in him he’s going to be our savior and friend. That’s the good news. So thanks for talking to us guys. We really appreciate it. Thank you guys. All right you have a good one.

Mark: Well I hope this clip showed you how to shut down the idea that karma somehow is going to help us and that our good cannot outweigh our bad. Also, Sometimes we just have to boldly proclaim who Jesus is and not worry about what someone’s opinion or belief may be. We just take what God’s word says and proclaim it with truth and love. For more information on witnessing to cults and other religions go to our Web site.


**End Transcript**

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