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Real Life Witnessing Scientology Videos

Witnessing To Sea Org Scientologists In Clearwater, FL

Proclaiming the Gospel to those trapped in the cult of Scientology.


Mark: So as someone from this area, what do people think of the Scientologists and how do they engage with others?

Woman: Well, people think they are a strange people, and uh, they don’t  too much interact with other people.

Mark: So, you’re saying that’s kind of cult like to not engage at all with the outside world?

Woman: That is correct.

Mark: What does the city and the government think of Scientology?

Woman: Well, you know, I had wondered that too. To me, it seems like the city of Clearwater have let them take over and I think it’s all about the money – that’s what I really think it’s about. They have bought so much down here – downtown here – that it’s, it’s ridiculous.

Mark: Wow! So, you don’t think a cult like this should be able to take over so many people do you?

Woman: No, no, no, no! These people has been brain washed. They, they have controlled them. These people work from sun up to sun down. These people don’t, the only way they can get a off day is they have to request a off day.

Eerie music…

Mark: …Yeah, I’m a tourist just trying to understand.

Female Scientologist Passerby: Go to the place where they have a display of  print on the building…just down the road.

Mark: Okay…I guess they’re not too….

Cameraman: Necessitating.

Mark: Right. (uncomfortable giggle)

Mark: (pointing) inaudible question to 2nd female Scientologist passerby

2nd Female Scientologist passerby: What is down there?

Mark: The Scientology?

2nd Female Scientologist passerby: Yeah…

Mark: Okay, we’re trying to find out more about it. Is it – do  you go over there?

2nd Female Scientologist passerby: Yeah, you just go straight and then…if you go straight here and then to the left and then uh straight again you’ll see it.

Mark: Okay

Cameraman: Do you, do mind if we ask you a few questions?

2nd Female Scientologist passerby: Uh, I have to go

Mark: Okay, well let me just give you this about – just how much God loves you through Jesus, okay

2nd Female Scientologist passerby: okay

Mark: Okay, please read it, alright?

Eerie music…

Mark: Guys, how much God loves you through Jesus. You can read about it later.

Group of Scientologist passersby: No thank you

Mark: Alright, thank you ma’am.

Man in Sunglasses: Some Good News for you?

Female Scientologist Passerby: (takes Gospel tract)

Man in Sunglasses: Thank you

Mark: You have to have that friendly attitude, you know?!

Mark: Guys, how much God loves you through Jesus. You can read about it later. For you, sir?

Man in Sunglasses: Ma’am, some Good News for you?

Man in Sunglasses: Sir, have you been born again?

Man in Sunglasses: Born again means once you put your faith in Jesus Christ – only (when) you’ve repented and truly put your full faith and trust in Him as God and Savior – He will give you a new nature – it’s like being re-birthed again – your old nature is gone – you have your new nature. It doesn’t mean you’ll never sin; but now you’re directed by the Holy Spirit.

Cameraman: That’s right.

Man in Sunglasses: And, when you do sin, the Holy Spirit will convict you of your sin to repent – get back on track.

Mark: (Holding up track) How much God loves you through Jesus! Would you like to read about it later? Not some religious thing…okay

Group of Scientology passersby: No thank you

Mark: Just some Good News – alright.

Mark: So yeah, we’re also trying to tell people just how much God loves you through Jesus.

Young Male Scientologist: No thank you

Mark: Oh, that’s for you

Young Male Scientologist: No thank you

Mark: Are you sure?

Young Male Scientologist: Yeah, it’s fine

Mark: Okay, it’s just Good News – not religion or anything.

Young Male Scientologist: Yeah it’s fine

Mark: Alright buddy

Mark: Good News for you bro? How much God loves you…thank you bro

Man in Sunglasses: Where you going guys? Hey, guys it’s not legal to cross here.

Man in Sunglasses: Sir, some Good News for ya? Do you know where you’re going to go when you die, sir? Ron Hubbard can’t save you sir.

Man in Sunglasses: Ladies, do you have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ?

Group of Female Scientologist passersby: (inaudible response)

L. Ron Hubbard has no direction from God. False prophet ma’am, false prophet.

Man in Sunglasses: Sir, are you there? Hey, do you know Jesus Christ sir?

Mark: Guys, how much God loves your through Jesus. He wants to set you free and give you eternal life. Just some Good News guys – how much God loves you.

Mark: Just some Good News guys, how much God loves you

Group of Scientology Passersby: No thank you sir

Man in Sunglasses: Ma’am, do you know Jesus Christ? The Way, the Truth, and the Life?

Female Scientology passerby: No thank you

Man in Sunglasses: Ma’am, do you have a relationship with God? L. Ron Hubbard can’t save you ma’am.

Man in Sunglasses: Get a far shot of the security guy down there keeping an eye on us. Right down there at the corner.

Man in Sunglasses: Do you know Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Male Scientology Security Officer: Yeah.

Man in Sunglasses: You do? Is He your Savior, sir? Or is L. Ron Hubbard your savior?

Mark: Ma’am, for you? How much God loves you.

Mark: Hey guys, we’re telling people how much God loves you through Jesus. You can check it out later.

Mark: And for you, sir?

Male Scientologist passerby: That’s alright

Mark: For you, sir? Alright.

Man in Sunglasses (off camera): Sir, are you born again?

Mark: Jesus said you must be born again. That’s true.

Man in Sunglasses (off camera): Yeah

Mark: Guys, some Good News how Christ set you free, that’s all it is.

Male Scientology Security Officer: Why you filming?

Mark: Uh, it’s public property so we can film whatever we like. We just have some Good News about the Gospel, we’re not a religion or anything.

Man in Sunglasses (off camera): You believe in civil liberties, right sir? Freedom of religion, expression. Do you agree with that, sir? Sir?

Mark: You can’t tell…this is a public property so you can’t tell us not to film like…

Man in Sunglasses: Scientology can’t help you with your sin problem. L. Ron Hubbard is dead. He’s no prophet. He’s no savior. You’re going to be in big trouble on Judgment Day if you don’t have a Savior. You realize that, right?! You can play mind games with yourself but you know it’s true.

Male Security Officer: Hey, I am going to call the cops on you for harassing people.

Man in Sunglasses: Did he say I was harassing him?

Male Security Officer: You’re stalking people.

Man in Sunglasses: Stalking them? Did I grab them? Did I touch them?

Male Security Officer: You can explain to the cops.

Man in Sunglasses: Good, we got you on film too; actually, and we filmed all this, and we filmed this

Male Security Officer: You can’t stalk people. Make sure you show the cops.

Man in Sunglasses: You’re stalking me right now. Gentleman, you’re stalking me. You’re stalking me. You’re going to be sued, sir.

Mark (off camera): Repent!

Mark: Guys, how much God loves you through Jesus.

Female Scientology passersby: Alright, we’re good, thank you.

Mark: No, not without Him.

Man in Sunglasses: Hey guys, Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life – the One True God. You want to read about Him? Here you go.

Man in Sunglasses: Do you know about Jesus Christ?

Male Scientology passerby: Yeah.

Man in Sunglasses: What do you know about Him?

Male Scientology passerby: About Jesus Christ?

Man in Sunglasses: Yeah.

Male Scientology passerby: Umm…

Man in Sunglasses: Here, talk to me for a second. What do you know about Him?

Male Scientology passerby: I have…I have a meeting at…

Man in Sunglasses: I’ll walk with you. What do you know about Him?

Male Scientology passerby: Jesus Christ was a man who died for our sins.

Man in Sunglasses: Yeah.

Male Scientology passerby: Umm…He had a…followers…

Man in Sunglasses: And, remember, He claimed to be God.

Male Scientology passerby: That’s right!

Man in Sunglasses: Okay. Do you believe He was God?

Male Scientology passerby: Yeah, sure.

Man in Sunglasses: Have you put your faith in Him?

Male Scientology passerby: Not…I mean…

Man in Sunglasses: He’s called the Savior, right?! He can only save you if you believe He is who He said he was. He claimed to be God and He could take away the sins of the world.

Male Scientology passerby: (nods)

Man in Sunglasses: Now, I’m not attacking you but how can Scientology help you with your sins? You have a sin problem. The just Judge of the world, the universe, can’t just forgive you of your sins through any good works you’ve done. You’ve got to repent and trust in the Savior. He only has the value to take your sins away. Okay?! I want you to think about that. Alright, buddy?

Male Scientology passerby: Alright, thank you.

Man in Sunglasses: Thank you.

Mark (off camera): Hallelujah!

Mark: You know it’s a miracle that some took it, honestly. So praise God because I’m, I’m sure they tell them not to take stuff from other people. I’m trying to emphasize it’s not a religious thing, like join my church or join my organization. But I’d love for them to come to church umm…but…we’re just telling them how much that, you know, Christ wants to set them free and break every chain because they’re in this cult that only He can redeem.

Narrator: For more information on witnessing to cults and other religions, go to our website PleaseTellMeTheTruth.org


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